I have discharged my Zakaat to a reputable organisation, but I have discovered that they bank the Zakaat money and distribute it during thecoming year as the need arises.

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Is my Zakaat discharged by merely giving it to such an organisation?


If Zakaat is due upon an individual, he/she should exercise precaution by
personally discharging the Zakaat to a recipient of Zakaat. If an
organisation was deputed to discharge the monies, they should do so
It is incorrect for them to withhold Zakaat monies especially when there are
innumerable Zakaat deserving cases, many of whom are being unjustly turned
away from reputable organisations. The organisation is your Wakeel (deputy)
in discharging your Zakaat. If they did not do so, your Zakaat will not be
discharged. Should anything unfortunate happen to the monies, for example,
theft etc. or incorrect dispensation, you will have to discharge your Zakaat

From: Al Mahmood 13 Q & A from the Darul Ifta
Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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