How much Zakat should I pay on cash before I was a Muslim? If cash is intended for future use, do I still have to pay Zakat on that cash?

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I’ve embraced Islam and converted in Apr 2000. When I converted, I had $10,000 cash. It’s Ramadhan now and I want to pay my Zakat. I now have $20,000 cash. Do I have to pay 2.5% of the full $20,000?, or only 2.5% of the cash I’ve had for the entire year (or the time I am a Muslim), which is $10,000? If I have saved this money up for a purpose in the future (i.e. my wedding), and I have intention to use the money for this purpose, do I still have to pay Zakat on it ? Is it still concidered unsued cash even though I intend it to be used in the future ? Looking forward to your reply insh’allah.


Whenever a person’s wealth reaches the minimum Nisaab of Zakaat, the date of calculating end year (when Zakaat is due) will commence from that date. If his wealth increases during the course of the year, he will have to pay Zakaat.

In view of the above explanation, your Zakaat will be due in April 2001 on whatever assets you have. Zakaat is due even if the amount is intended for future use.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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