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Asalaam u alai kum Is kaza (late) namaz not allowed in Islam?

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I was having a discussion with my older sister, she brought up the subject that kaza (missed/late) namaz is not allowed in Islam. My sister received this idea from the ustani(the person she takes her kids to read quran to). I disagree with her, I believe that kaza namaz is allowed in Islam, and also that Rasullalah (saw) had read them himself. Am I write or wrong? Please show verses from the Qu’ran or show me some hadith to prove me write/wrong. Jazak Allah khair. Salaam


One should make an effort to perform his/her fardh salaats timeously.
However, if one missed his/her Salaat due to unforeseen circumstances, then
qadhaa Salaat must be made for the missed Salaat. If one did not make qadhaa
of the missed Salaat throughout his/her life – a bequest of fidya
(compensation) for each missed Salaat must be made before death. A person
will be sinful for not making qadhaa of the missed Salaats.

Was salaam

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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