Dinosaurs, comets and history

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I am confused please help me out. Scientist says there was a comet which hit earth and human beings were destroy.It was total destruction and if that is true then when did Hazarat Adam A.S.came to earth. Because we have read in Quran sharif tht Hazarat Adam A.S. was first person on earth. What is truth behind dinasours?


The creation of Allah Taãla is very vast and beyond our comprehension. In
every time and era scientists have made strange discoveries of the creation
of Allah and they will continue to do so. However, the research of the
scientists will be exhausted yet they will never be able to conquer the
reality of the creations of Allah, nor will they be able to discover even a
fraction of the entire creation.

However, the creation of Allah is a manifestation of the Power of Allah.
Allah invites us to ponder upon His creation and understand His Power. With
regard to aliens and flying objects and dinasours, since the reality of
these creations are not known, it is not possible to comment upon them. For
our belief, if there is reality in these creations, it should be seen as
another manifestation of Allah’s Power.

And Allah Taãla Knows Best.

Was salaam

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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