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Zakath on House

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I have Purchase House Last Year for Rent Purpose & did not give Zakath last year Hence my Purpose rent only not for Investment or selling, but Unfortunately Documents of house not clear and I have Sold it out last Month and Looking another house to buy. Those Amount of House Do I Need to… read more »

Giving zakat money

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In our family and friends, there are some poor but maintaining their living standard like normal families, by putting children in a private English school, living in a high rent house, etc,. But we know that they are suffering. Can I give zakat to them ? بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (Fatwa: 1149/965/H=09/1440)   Being in… read more »

Giving Zakat to sister in law

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My sister in law was married in Srinagar. Her husband expired two years ago. She has no child. Just after a week of death of her husband, her in laws asked her that the deceased husband has gifted property to his nephew. As there was no alternative, she came back to her parents house. Now… read more »

Can I pay zakat to my sister

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One of my sister living alone from her husband because she has given birth only girls therefore her husband doesn’t treat her in good manner and doesn’t pay her for expenses we tried so many times to send her back and she have gone many time but now she is saying she can’t live with… read more »

Zakat on monthly salary

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I am working assistant professor in Malaysia. My native place is Lucknow (India). I want to ask whether zakah is applicable on monthly salary which is payable? I am fulfilling the criteria of nisab. Please clarify this issue because in Malaysia have a concept to pay zakah on salary earned. Another question related that if… read more »

Zakat on FD

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I have a Fixed Deposit (taken last year for tax relief) of Rs 1,50,000 in a bank. But I can never withdraw the amount up to 5 years. Even I tried to withdraw the money due to my crisis. But bank says it is lock in period of 5 years. So, should I pay zakah… read more »

About paying zakah

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I had a painting labour for my house, during work he take all money fix for whole work and also take some extra money, now work is finished but he is not able to return my money which he took in extra, he seems poor person and also Muslim. Now I want to know that… read more »

Could I spend zakah money

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I am not sahib e nisab. I am receiving zakah money every month. Could I spend that money to my family expenses? My wife is sahib-e-nisab and I have 2 children Please explain whatever. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (Fatwa: 495/440/M=05/1440)   It is lawful for you to take zakah money if you are eligible to… read more »