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Zakaat – sadka – lillah

Mam of our Masjid has given Fatwa that Zakat can be given to non muslims. They give reference to the Ayah in Qur’an that it does not prohibit in detail giving zakat to nonmuslims.

I am a salaried person, how will I calculate the total amount of money at the end of the year because of eg. if I get some money in the eleventh month or even 6th month it is difficult to keep track monthly

Your question is not clear. Kindly elaborate.

My grandfather passed away on 12 April 2006. He was a partner in several businessess. His wealth which was to be distributed was calculated before 30 June 2007.

When Ramadhan comes and i will have to pay my annual zakat will i have to calculate it from the amount i had before the home i.e. the saved money or do i calculate from whats left i.e. money left after the home is bought?

I have purchased a land as an investment but I am paying only 10 % of the amount now and remaining will be thru installments for ten years ,so do I need to pay zakat on this 10 % of amount.Pls note that this land is not an agriculture land , but for housing purposes and I have already a house for my living.

I have few questions to ask regarding zakath payment

The value of such articles we will ascertain as the market value and count as part of our zakah payable

CAN a poor person pay goverment taxes from profit money from bank or not?

If i use intrest for paying fees of my college and i get job on behalf of acquiring knowledge..

Can it be said that Hajj had become Fardh on him….