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Imam in need of ghusl leads prayer, what should he do? Does wudhu break when touching a cat?

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An Imam leads prayer at college and he is in need of ghusl, he doesn’t want to tell the muqtadis because of shyness. Later he realises the seriousness of what he has done. He doesn’t want to tell them because he is ashamed. He knows the number of people that prayed behind him, so can he pray the salaat for each and every person that prayed behind him. Please reply and may Allah reward you. Does wudhu break when touching a cat? Can in the hanafi mathab pray allhummagfirlee warhamnee wa?afinee wahdinee warzuqnee during jalsa?


1. It is a serious offense to deliberately perform Salaat without Wudhu or Taharah. According to some Ulama, there is a fear of Kufr in doing so. The Imaam should sincerely make Tawbah and never repeat that in future. There is also no need for the Imaam to be ashamed and step back from performing Salaat. He should politely explain his followers that he is unable to perform Salat. He does not have to offer any reason for that. If the Imaam discovered that he performed Salaat without Wudhu, he should make an announcement verbally or in writing to his congregation to repeat that Salaat. A simple statement like, ?Those who performed Dhuhr Salaat on September 10 in this Musjid should repeat their Salaat? is sufficient. The Imaam cannot perform Salaat on behalf of each Musallee.

2. Wudhu does not break by touching a cat.

3. It is, in fact, advisable to recite the Du’aa in Jalsa.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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