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I have read in q&a page that if napaki is in /-5.94cm quantity then u dont have to wash it u can offer salah and the salah will be correct with kaharat so i want to ask if i passed a drop of urine or mazi wihtout thinking…can i offer salah in this position ?

I have a problem. Whenver I get up in the morning I see some sort of stains in my undergarments though I did’t have a nightfall.

If one item has a slight smell e.g. your hands when you put lotion on them. then if with your dry but moist hands you unitentionally touch an area of very miniscule impurity…then how do you decide whether or not your hands become napaak?

If a married man has an affair with other women and has intercourse, will that invalidate his marriage. Similarly, if a married women has an affair with other man and has intercourse, will that invalidate her marriage. What is the ruling.

When my husband touches me or kisses me a colorless liquid comes out from my privert parts even without intercourse. I want to know whether it is farl to bath at this point.

Sometimes When I read sensitive fatwas I get some liquid drips from my private parts, it is najas? and i have been told by my brother that it is a bidah to kiss thumbs when heering azan is this true?

Do the small drops (due to arousal) coming out from the private part. Does this break my Wudu? It happens freguently and i can’t stop it. I usually clean it up by rubbing it with a wet hand, Is that suffient? Can you please advise?