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Amaanat holdings

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Q: Amaanat holdings is a property holding company that I was told was started by Moulana Ansaari and Moulana sema. It is currently managed by mohamedy Omar Paruk chartered accountants. They invest in residential and commercial property. As an investor you buy shares in the holding company, the holding company owns the shares in the… read more »

Haraam investments

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Q: I was investing in haraam till now. Although I didn’t know about it, I was again trapped by one of my friends and again invested in haraam for which I will get a good return. 1. One of my friends is in very much debt. Can I pay this money for his debt or… read more »

Interest bearing investments

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Q: On one of your responses on this site, you have mentioned that if a person has come into possession of interest he should distribute it to poor and needy people. If a business is forced (the business has to comply as it is a requirement of the non-muslim government and will not be allowed… read more »

Calculating zakaat on investments

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Q: I am a widow since four months. I have two daughters which are married. I don’t have any brothers. In the presence of my husband there were 13 lacs deposited in saving. Every month I receive 10 thousand from income which is not enough for monthly expenditure that’s why my husband’s elder brother supports… read more »

Investing with a Hindu

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Q: I am investing Money with one of my Hindu friends. He always tells me that he is investing in chemical business and scrap business, because I have told him strictly that my religion don’t allow me to earn haraam money? But he is always saying it is halaal income and I am investing it… read more »

Multi-level marketing

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Q: Is Multi-level marketing (MLM)/Networking permissible? It is very popular with Muslim women who sell Tupperware, AMC Cookware, Avonetc. from home. Details of the system are as follows: – Explanation 1: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the… read more »

Interest based saving schemes

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Q: Pakistan is an Islamic state. I have invested some amount in government saving schemes. Although the rate of profit is fixed it is actually not because of inflation which may be more or less than the rate of profit. Besides, the actual value of my investment is going down each year due to devaluation… read more »

Zakaat on shares in property investments

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Q: How is Zakaat calculated on shares in property investments, e.g. Al-Mabroor Property Investments etc. a) Is Zakaat payable on the entire investment amount or b) Is Zakaat payable only on the income received which one has in his possession when Zakaat is due? A: You will only pay on the income received. And Allah… read more »