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Working with Ghair-mahram (strange) women

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  I work in a call centre and my role involves taking calls and speaking to customers. Some of are men and women. Unfortunately, living in the UK it’s hardly avoidable not to find employment that doesn’t involve having some interaction with the opposite gender with the exception of some sort of manual… read more »

Chancel Repair Indemnity Insurance

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I am in UK and trying to get the new house, I have been told by the solicitors that I need to pay some 10 pound insurance for the Chancel Repair Indemnity Insurance (one of payment) as the house comes under the Parish. I tried to get the information in the internet but not… read more »

Hadya from Haram earnings

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  I am writing to your response to my question, Fatwa#: 34104. When someone asks my uncle to leave the haram things in his business, he says that he cannot run his business without those things (which is his own wrong perception as my other uncle is running a completely halal restaurant… read more »

What should one do with clothing with animate objects? Please clarify the Hadith of angels not entering the home with pictures in it? Can we accept greetings on non-Islamic festivals and practices?

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1. Sometime our relatives present our children clothes with the figures of living beings. When there is no opportunity to reject we accept it and remove or colour or patch the eyes – is it permissible, and are such images lose their quality of living beings with no eyes or with removed eyes or… read more »