Ahlus Sunnah

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Use of Taweez and Suras for protection.

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Q. With regards to one of the questions being asked in this website subject being “Superstitions in Islam”.. I would like to know, does a tabeej fall under this category as well? I know of persons who recommend this being worn as a means of getting rid of Jinns and keeping them away from affecting persons,… read more »

Tawassul In Dua

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Tawassul is to implore Allah through the means of a righteous person or through one’s righteous actions. Tawassul in Dua is to supplicate to Allah through an intermediary, such as saying, ‘O Allah, I ask you by the rank of your Prophet…’ With respect to the significance of tawassul, it is to be noted that… read more »

Shia-Sunni marriages.

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Q. Please elaborate on the issue of a Shia-Sunni marriage. As far as I know it is permissible but not advised because of the complications. However, what if all these complications have been decided between both the families? For example even the parents of the boy have assured in clear words that the girl will… read more »

Following Qadiani Imam in Salah.

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Question: Assalamu alaikum, Dear Mufti, I am writing to you to seek some advice. A gentleman has proposed marriage to me, he is a kind, humble human being who reads his Quran and his salaat regularly, he is a good man and we are compatible. My problem however is that he lives in Freeport and… read more »

Regarding Hazrat Abu Talib.

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Q.What do the scholars and Muftis of the Islamic Shariah say regarding Hazrat Abu Talib? Few people call him kafir and they also claim that the kuffar of Abu Talib is proved from clear Quranic ayaat and sahih authentic ahadith. Anyone who considers Abu Talib a momin is munkir-e-Quran and munkir-e-ahadith and is extremely deviated/gumraah… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alaikum, what is the correct opinion about this some muslim says Allah knows the best about Pharoah’s aqida they says maybe he die with the iman, is it correct to says that? They based their opinion about the following article:https://eshaykh.com/doctrine/fusus-al-hikam-2/ “Imams Jalal al-Din al-Dawwani (d. 907) and `Abd al-Wahhab al-Sha`rani (d. 973) took… read more »


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As Salaamu Alaikum QUESTION: I need clarification on two matters, a question has arise about tazeem and what are the opinions on this practice. Also the ‘Fatiha ‘ that is practiced at functions (prayers, reading etc) I believe it is done over food.  Someone said the Fatiha was done at the death of the son… read more »