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Questions regarding Women and Hur’s in Jannah

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi



Question 1. What is the maximum amount of mates (worldly women and damsels) can a pious man receive in Jannah? E.g, is it 2 worldly wives and 72 damsels?

Question 2. I know that the women of Jannah will be in such a state that they won’t be jealous of the damsels but isn’t that unfair as a woman’s nature is such that she is  jealous in such a circumstance but instead she is being “robotically” forced to act like that while in Jannah?

Question 3. Is there any specially created male mate for the women that they may enjoy similar to what the men enjoy or will the women just have to stick with their one same husband they were with in the world while in Jannah?

Question 4. Some Women do as much sacrifice when it comes to being chaste and loyal to their husbands. So why is it that a similar reward for the women is not mentioned like that of the damsels  for men?

Question 5. What if the wife was nake and pious but in this world she desires that in Jannah a created man or a pious man of the world be only for herself and not shared with others as a mate ?

Question 6. There is a hadith that states (more or less) – when the wife troubles the husband the damsel calls out saying “curse be to you he is only temporary with you soon he will unite with us”. How come there is no Hadith stating such in favour of the women for those husbands who mistreat and abuse their wives as a means of consolation for the women that they have a better mate to look forward to in Jannah?

Question 7. Is there anything created exclusively for the woman just as the huur has been made exclusively for the males?

Question8. I know from hadith that the believing women will be greater in beauty than the huurs of jannah, then why is there a need for the huur isn’t the believing women suppose to be sufficient as a means of satisfying their husbands?


1. Depends on which Jannat a person gets. Lower ones will get less. Higher ones will get more.

2. Have you not come across women whose hearts are clean and never feel jealous? One of my distant relative had only girls from the first wife so she encouraged him to get a second wife. The they both lived like real sisters. When going in Jannah, the hearts will be cleansed.

3. No, there is no specially created mate in Jannah. The women will enjoy and rejoice in Jannah with their spouse. Read verses 55-58 of Surah Yaseen (36).

4. These questions are coming to your mind due to the effects of the society we live in and the movies we watch. Be careful. Hold on to your Iman.

5. If she is pious, she won’t desire this.

6. There will be Nikah in Jannah. Maybe if the woman is not happy with her husband or lets say he’s gone Jahannam, she will be allowed to marry a person of her choice as is the case with unmarried women. Maryam (A.S.) will marry Raasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam in Jannah.

7. No

8. Would you not like to have some cleaners and caretakers in your house so you can relax. Do rich people not have plenty of workers in their homes. How many workers does the Queen have?

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