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Reading surah fatiha on food ???

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I wanted to know why Fatihas on food are haram. Many of us Muslims from India and Pakistan do fatiha on food but I heard it was haram can you please clarify ?
In India and Pakistan, Fatiha on Food has a specific reason, which is not correct according to Ulama-Ikram. People do Fatiha on Food to feed the poor people and send its Thawab to the dead relatives and friends. Reading Fatiha on Food is not a necessary amal to send Isaal-e-thawab. Feeding food to poor people is sufficient for Isaal-e-sawab, it has nothing to do with reading Fatiha on Food. Also because of the poor Aqeeda, it is a Bidat.
Other then Isaal-e-Sawab, it is allowed if somebody reads (for Barkat) Fatiha or some other Ayaats of Quran on Food, or to get prevention from Nazar.

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