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Distribution of Inheritance

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by ShariahBoard.org

Mufti sahab 

Asking on behalf of a relative.
I have a question regarding wirasat .
If a deceased person has a son and daughter and have parents alive as well. 
How much part of the wealth is for the parents.?

الجواب وبالله التوفيق 

As per the situation described in your question, after taking care of حقوق متقدمہ علی الارث (the payment of the expenses of the shroud and the burial, payment of any debt, and enforcement of the will for any permissible work from one third of the inheritance), the remaining wealth will be divided into 18 portions.

Out of those 18 portions, 8 portions will be given to the son, 4 portions will be given to the daughter, and 3 portions each will be given to the parents.

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب

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