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Should we trust the Halal meals provided by Kirklees council for Muslim students in schools?

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Bismillah A’Rahman N’iRaheem
Dear Brothers,
I have recently received a letter from my daughters school regarding school meals. historically I have always adopted caution and have always had my children take home prepared meals to school for their lunch.
The letter reffered to Kirklees council providing Halal meals for muslim students in their schools. I have written back to ask them how they are able to justify these statements and how they ensure that their produce is zabiah and fit for the consumption of muslims. I however would like to know of the opinion of the board members on what their personal experience is and whether this is something that should be challenged as there are muslims out there that are quite gullable and will assume if it says its halal it must be. I know that tha majority of the muslim families in my area allow there children to eat at the school canteens instead of taking ready prepared meals from home.
All comments welcomed,
Jazzak Allah Khair

Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

The Kirklees area sports many Muslims, in fact in some schools, it would not be regarded as an exaggeration if one was to say, that virtually all students are Muslims. In such a conducive environment, Muslim parents would exercise their parental persuasions politely and firmly, simultaneously forging excellent relations with the school teachers and especially the Head teacher to ensure that the children are afforded as much Islamic latitude as possible e.g. halaal meals, swimming alternatives etc. Personally, I think it is positive that Kirklees Council wish to provide Halaal meals. Members of the community should contact the Council in a positive strain, ensuring that the Halaal provisions are carried out correctly under the guidance of local Ulama.

In short, the conditions must be as follows:


The Halaal food provision must be managed by reliable, trustworthy Muslims who will buy the meat or at least ensure that the meat is being bought from a reliable store. Take time to explain the concept and importance of Halaal food to canteen staff and teachers, perhaps in a presentation of some kind, so they become aware of the issues involved. In fact, once they realise the goodness and wholesomeness of Halaal, I am sure they would also partake of it. In Gloucester, we have many non-Muslims who buy Halaal meat because they know the benefits and ethical issues.

Food contamination:

Preferably Muslim staff must necessarily ensure that Halaal foods be totally separated from Haraam meats etc. Separate workstations, utensils and any other provision depending on the kitchen be provided to ensure the same.

One of our Primary Schools where the students are predominantly Muslim (70%) in Gloucestershire serve Halaal food. They have separate hatches where Halaal, vegetarian and non-Halaal meals are served. Contamination issues are adhered to; Muslim meals are cooked by a local Muslim woman. A Qari Sahib who works in the School has expressed his confidence in the system adopted and no doubt has been consulted with by the school.

If you would like to contact the Qari Sahib for assistance on this project, then please email foodguide-owner@yahoogroups.co.uk for contact details.

(Mufti) Abdullah Patel
Halal Food Guide

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