The ruling pertaining to things which are halaal and haraam

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Q: Please advise if the sale of the following is permissible and the income halaal:

(1) Secular textbooks on topics like engineering, mathematics, architecture, business, pharmacy, fitness etc. that contain animate images. Sometimes the satr of men and women may be exposed in these images. I do not have the ability to note the nature of every image in these textbooks.

(2) General ‘Non-Muslim’ clothing, like jeans, T-shirts, skirts, shorts, swim wear, colourful male clothing, high heel shoes, general tight-fitting clothing etc. If some of these items are to be worn as non-Muslims generally do, then the satr will naturally be exposed.

(3) Clothing that has animate images.

(4) Clothing with large textual inscriptions and logos.

(5) Male and female underwear. Not lingerie. (6) Rings and jewellery that are impermissible to wear (like imitation rings).

(7) General permissible items that have animate images on them. For example, some cell phone cases, branded stationery items, children hand watches.

(8) Teddy bears, toys with animate images, figurines etc.

(9) To sell medicine containing (intoxicating) alcohol when suitable alternatives exist.

I currently own the following and want to know if they can be sold, or whether they should be destroyed:

(10) Comic books that consist almost entirely of animate images. The satr of the comic characters are sometimes exposed.

(11) A PlayStation 2 video game console. It has multiple uses and not just for playing haraam video games.

[I do not know if my customers are Muslim or Non-Muslim.]



1. It is permissible. If it is possible to some how cover those images it will be even better.

2 – 4. Though the sale will be permissible but it is undesirable to sell these types of clothing.

5. It is permissible.

6. Avoid selling them.

7. As no. 2.

8. Avoid selling them.

9. It is permissible.

10 – 11. Destroy them.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.



Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)