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Telling one’s wife “Get out of my life”

Q: Me and my wife have been married for two years now. We fight often because we both have anger issues but at the same time we love each other alot. One day, the fight was so extreme that my wife started screaming and she said “I need divorce”. She was out of her mind. Now she says that she doesn’t remember what happened to her and she swear to Allah that she never meant it. When she said it, I got angry. After a few minutes of talking, I also lost my temper and just angrily said, “Get out of my life” but I also swear to Allah that I never meant it. I was only saying this out of frustration but never ever meant it.

Is it talaaq-e-kinayaa because we both never meant what we said and we can put our hands on the Quran and say it. The next day I told her that I take all my words back, you are my wife and I love you. She did the same and then we hugged each other and had physical relation as well. 


A: If you had no intention to divorce then this is not talaaq-e-kinaayah.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

This answer was collected from MuftiOnline.co.za, where the questions have been answered by Mufti Zakaria Makada (Hafizahullah), who is currently a senior lecturer in the science of Hadith and Fiqh at Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Isipingo Beach, South Africa.

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