Bad luck

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Q: I have a problem if you could give me advice and letting me know what is the problem. Most people called me bad luck (منحوس) and some how I realized that I really am because nothing is working out with me. Now when I am really thinking about it, somehow it is true. If I start working for any friend, their work or business goes down and if I want to start investing money, that business gets problems. I am more than eligible and want to work till the last moment but at the end it doesnt happen. So many times I have found someone and wanted to go further and get married but somehow I do istekhara and it didnt work out. My dad holds a degree from Madina university KSA but when I was sbout 13 years old my dad married another woman. My dad was a business man and later I realized that my father took money from everyone and he told them that you are my partner in my business. He showed them that the business is good but it wasn’t. Many family people trusted him and gave him money and he didnt return the money. No one knows where the money goes. I told you this short story because everyone and their family has been in worst situation. Is it because of their curse that I am not moving forward? Is it because of their bad-dua that I cant be something in life? I really am confused and sometimes it makes me cry that I didn’t do anything wrong with any people then why I am a bad luck person for people? For a long time I wasnt talking to my dad and told him that you are a wrong person, even he wasn’t satisfied with me and was really upset that I dont visit him. I am not talking with him often but if he has some work then he would call and I would go but now I am little bit ok. We do talk sometimes and he is always telling me to forgive him and do dua for me. Please give me an advice and show me the way so everything works out.


A: Don’t entertain suspicion. Be positive. Beg Allah’s forgiveness and help and be certain that Allah will help you.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)