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Question: Assalam Alaikum,
How do I explain to a non-Muslim why a muslim(male) cannot where gold. The Nabi (SAW) forbade it and I believe he had an explanation as to why it should not be worn jazakullah.


Answer: Wa Alikum As Salaam,

The instructions which came from the Prophet (s.a.w) were based upon the revelations and inspirations sent to him by Allah. Allah is the ‘All Wise’ and all his commands and prohibitions are filled with a great amount of wisdom.

With respect to the prohibition of gold for men, these are clearly outlined by the Prophet (s.a.w) who received such instructions from Allah. Although the Prophet (s.a.w) did not go in details regarding the reason for its prohibition for males, we know that there are sound and valid reasons for its prohibition.
While shedding light on the possible reason for its prohibition, the scholars have given different explanations. In this regard some have explained that in reality, gold is a valuable metal which is used as a medium of exchange and a form of currency. Hence, it is required to be circulated so that wealth will be distributed among people. If someone uses it as a form of jewellery, then it means that it becomes a fixed/solid piece of adornment which cannot be used as a medium of exchange or currency, and this source of wealth will not be circulated in the hands of people. This may then affect economic growth and benefits to society.  Based on this explanation, it means that women should also be prohibited from wearing gold jewellery. However, seeing that the love of beautification and adornment is within the nature of women and that gold is considered to be a means of adorning oneself, it has been allowed for them. But, even in this case, Zakaah has been made compulsory on their jewellery (when it reaches the Nisaab) so that whatever deprivation may come about in its non circulation among people (when used as a jewellery), it can be made beneficial through the Zakaah which is paid on it (by hoarding it).

As for men, they are prohibited from it so that the bulk of it can continue to benefit people. If men were allowed to use it, then a big portion of it will be hoarded up as jewellery and it will not be circulated in the society, which will then have a negative effect on the economic growth. (Kitabul Fatawa vol.6 pgs 114, 115).

Along with this, we see that the love to beautify oneself with ornaments and jewelleries are within the nature of women. Allah Has placed this within them and Has allowed them to beautify and decorate themselves with different forms of ornaments. Hence, we see that they have been allowed to wear all forms and types of jewelleries. They are allowed to wear earrings, chains and necklaces, hand bands, bracelets, anklets, rings etc. They are also allowed to apply Henna (mehendi) on their hands, feet, hair etc. Allowance has also been given to them to use jewelleries made from gold, silver, and other valuable metals, along with gems and precious stones. In this way, women adorn themselves and there is no prohibition for them in these things. With respect to men, the love to beautify and adorn themselves with decorative jewelleries and flashy ornaments are not within their nature. Allah Has not created them with such inclinations, hence, they do not seek an interest in these things. Instead, Allah Has made them as protectors of women, leaders of nations, upholders of justice and fairness and fighting to defend the rights of the oppressed. Their beauty which they will adorn themselves with comes from bravery, courage, doing heroic deeds, displaying talents and skills, becoming triumphant and using their extra ordinary abilities to invent, innovate and discover new things. It has never been the conduct of men (from the beginning of man’s history) to adorn themselves with fine dresses, to decorate themselves with jewelleries and precious stones and make a display of themselves to others. Instead, they have always been those who exerted their efforts, toiled and laboured to bring benefits to mankind.

Seeing that Allah did not place this in the nature of men, and has placed it in women, it was therefore made impermissible for men to adopt the traits of women to use gold jewellery to beautify themselves.

And Allah Knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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