Performing Tahyatul Masjid at the time of Fajr.

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A person performs the sunnah of Fajr at home and comes to the masjid and performs wudhu, then enters the masjid and performs the salaah for entering the masjid. He then joins the jamaat to perform the Farz Salaah. Is this or any other nafl salaah allowed?


Although the performance of these rakaats may seem to be acceptable, it is not permissible to perform them or any other nafl at the Fajr time. Performing them is not in accordance to the established practice of the Prophet (S.A.S). From his actions, it can be seen that even though the Prophet (S.A.S) loved to perform many nafl salaah, he never read more than the two (sunnah) rakaats (i.e. besides the Farz) for the Fajr Salaah. As such the salaah for entering the masjid as well as other nafl salaah are not allowed at this time.

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan

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