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Meaning of recurring dream about a man in white dress with a long beard and glowing book.

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asslamualaikum. This is a question regarding a dream that i have been seeing reapedtedly in differet forms for the past 5 6 years.since i have been married. may allah forgive me for my sin but before my marriage i was seeing someone for the past 4 5 years during this time i saw a dream that i have gone to meet him at my roof top n there a man in a all white dress and a long white beard with a big old book in his hands which is glowing n he says to us that dont worry Allah has written ur name in this book he did not specify that we were to get married but thats how i took it n i was very happy in my dream n running around the roof and looking down so that i can see a beautiful scenery but all i could see was barren land n dry trees.that time i was young n presumed that this dream meant that we will get marrid but will not be happy after that.During this time i always prayed to allah that pls decide my destiny to be with him only if u feel it is better for both of us. time passed n my father went and gave his words to one of his friends for my marriage without asking me but now that he had fixed it all up i did not have the heart to oppose him. i stopped talking to that guy n so did he.but since thhat there is a drem that i have been having which really diturbs me is that i see in my dream that i meet him somewhere or i am looking for his phone no so that i can ask him to forgive me or someting like i m making him meet my husband and my 3 yr old son alot more dreams but of the same type it really troubls me n i feel that i am cheating on my husband though after our engagement i had told him everyting about my past amd he forgave me for being honest i often pray to allah not to show me such dreams i dont kow what to do it has been 5 yrs now and every week i see a dream related to him is it a sub concious guilt of breaking a promise or what i fail to undrstang . i have a very beautiful relation with my husband n thins like me distract me a lot pls tell me what is the meaning of this dream why do i see it so often n how do i get rid of it


(Fatwa: 382/D=49/K//1430)

When you have repented to Allah for your past deeds and now there is no relation with the first man, you should be thankful to Allah for Nikah and good relation with the husband. Now, you should live happily and with good conduct with your husband and discard the thought of first man from your mind. You should neither try to see him nor to talk to him on phone. As far as the dream is concerned, it is out of one’s choice and such dreams are from Satan, you should not pay any attention to it and divert your mind from them.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

This answer was collected from the official ifta website of Darul Uloom Deoband in India.

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