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People who cannot get Zakaat

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Q: Which people are not eligible for zakaat?
From Ihyaaud Deen. This entry is part 20 of 37 in the series Zakaat Masaail

A:The following people are not eligible for zakaat:

  • A non-Muslim
  • A Sayyid (descendent of Nabi Alaihis salaam’s family i.e. the Banu Haashim) even if he is poor. (The Banu Haashim include the descendents of either ‘Abbaas, Ali, Jafar, Aqeel or Haarith Bin Abdil Muttalib (Radiyallahu Anhum))
  • The donors ascendants e.g. his parents, grandparents, etc. and descendents e.g. children, grandchildren, etc.
  • The donor’s spouse (husband or wife)
  • A minor whose father is wealthy
  • A wealthy person (A person who possesses that amount of wealth which equals the nisaab after deducting all his liabilities and debts)


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