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Q: We have in our family a newborn severely disabled child, who has since birth been on a life support machine. The child’s heart has stopped twice and medics revived him. However, other complications have arose since the revivals. Now the medics have asked if it is possible not to revive him if his heart stops for the 3rd time. Is this (not reviving him) permissible?

A. Once it has been established through experience that resuscitation of the heart will keep the child alive, it will not be permissible to deprive the infant of this treatment, regardless of the complications that develop afterwards. Now it is clear that the intention of the medics is to let that child die by withholding revival techniques, and such an intent is wrong and sinful. We in Islam are not allowed to do that. If there are complications that arise, we must deal with them as best we can.

Allah grant Shifaa (cure) and make matters easy for the family, Aameen

Mufti Siraj Desai

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