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Reverting to Mathhab and Repeating Salaah

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askmufti.co.za

Q: I have recently converted to orthodox Islam from Salafism, and began following the Hanafi Math-hab. I wanted to know whether the prayers that I was performing as a Salafi are invalid and need to be repeated because of the dodgy fiqh that was being followed? When I bled, I followed the opinion that bleeding didn’t break Wudhu; I followed opinions where reciting after Faatihah wasn’t compulsory in any rakah; also that we should say “As-salaamu ‘alan-Nabiyyu” in Tashahhud instead of “‘alayka”; and opinions that wiping (Masah) over cotton socks were permissible, and the fact that Witr wasn’t Waajib etc.

I would like to know if I have to repeat these prayers or not based on the grounds that I was deceived by the Shuyukh attributed to Salafism. I consulted a Hanafi shaikh about the matter and he said that I don’t have to because I was misled and it is still “a fiqh” even though we don’t accept it, but said if I felt doubt in my heart about any of the prayers then I can repeat them.

What should I do? Must I repeat all the Witrs, even those that I did of one rakah when I did perform it? Must I repeat all of those five prayers I prayed daily? There are approximately four years worth. I should also add that I didn’t wipe on cotton socks every day, and I didn’t always say “As-salaamu ‘alan-Nabiyyu” in every Tashahhud, and obviously didn’t always bleed for every prayer. So what is the ruling when it concerns a mix of these scenarios?

A. Now that Allah Ta’aala guided you, you will follow the Hanafi Madhab strictly. May Allah Ta’aala accept, Aameen.

There is no need to repeat those Salaah in which you left out the Surah after Surah Faatihah, because in the Hanafi Madhab it is Waajib, not Fardh to recite a Surah after Surah Faatihah. Leaving out a Waajib makes it necessary to repeat the Salaah within the time. But when the time of the Salaah has expired there is no Qadhaa to be made.

As Salaamu alan Nabiyyi instead of Alayka will not nullify the Salaah. But the second phrase is the Sunnah, while the phrase that has “alan-nabiy is a Bid’ah.

As for the Witr, there is no Qadhaa for that, too.

However, you must make Qadhaa of those Salaah that were made after Masah on cotton socks, because that Wudhu was not valid.

You will have to estimate how many Salaahs were performed with the above condition and make Qadhaa of them only.

Mufti Siraj Desai

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