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Respected Mufti Sahab,

I am facing a major problem in resolving certain issues in my life. I had written briefly to you about one issue earlier. And would like to thank you for replying to me and giving your valueable advice. However hard i am trying, certain things are not getting resolved that deal with the haram and halal matter. I am writing to ask for your permission to write a long and secretive letter to you and to ask you, about what i should do next and what else can be done?

I am getting anxious each day and don’t know who to talk to and ask for guidance and advice, besides Allah, ofcourse. Can I please write a long letter to you if you permit? i do understand you have zillions of letters coming in and you must be very busy with them. But, trust me I need your help. 





Assalam o Alaikum

Please email at [email protected] with “PERSONAL QUERY” in the subject.

Wassalam o Alaikum

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