Tablighi Jamaat – Please can you clear the confusion I face when a good friend who is an Old worker and has been atleast for 5 times for 4 months of mine tells me the following ?

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Please can you clear the confusion I face when a good friend who is an Old worker and has been atleast for 5 times for 4 months of mine tells me the following ?

*** Please bear in mind that I am not anti tableeg i am infact pro tableeg but I do not just follow like a sheep what ever anybody tells me and there are certain things that are said which do not make sense to me *** 


** If you are Not involved in Tableeg work you are going to Jahannam ?  What then is the Status of Imaam Aboo Hanifa, Imaam Shaafi, Imaam Hamble Imaam Maalik Sheik Zakariyya and Moualna Ashraf Ali Thanvi and Moulana Sayed Yusuf Bin Noori and Sheik Gangooi and Moualna Anwar Shah etc etc etc  ?

** He says that if you have the Money ” and this is a personal experience” then instead of going for Haj you must first go for 4 months Jamaat and then go for Haj  !!!What does he mean by this ?

** Are you gauranteed Hidayat when you go for 4 months because that is the impression i am getting ?

** Then he said The time for making zikr and pulling tasbeeh are over the time now is to strive in the path of ALLAH ?

** He further went on to say that sending Durood apon my beloved Rasullullah SAW is not as great a Mujahada Sacrifice then going in Jamaat (3 days 40 days 4 months in gush out gush taalim at home taalim in the masjid moring gush masjid abaad etc ) Please Help?

** Tableeg work is the asil work of Sahaba ? Is it ?

** So When Imaam Mehdi comes does he first then have to go for 4 months  ?

** Why is it that when an Aalim completes his studies he goes for 1 year Tableeg to propogate 6 points only?

** Why do the Tableeg Jamaat show preference to Old Workers over Aallims ?

** It was related to me in a Bayaan when i was out for 40 days that the Teacher of the 4 Mazhabs was the son of Farooh Rahmatullah Alay who when his Son (The Teacher of the 4 Mazhabs) was in his mothers womb his father Farooh went for 26 years Tableeg Jamaat and when he returned from Tableeg Jamaat he went to the masjid to listen to a bayaan and when Farooh queried who was giving the Bayaan it was told to him that it was his son … Now Is this Factual as it was clearly stated to me that the 4 Mazhabs took all there teachings and research based on the son of Farooh Rahmatullah alay ?


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh

At times, certain Jama’at members might make statements similar to the ones that you have enumerated in your query. Such statements are not correct and indicate to a degree of bigotry, intolerance and ignorance on the part of that specific individual. However, what is exceptionally important to bear in mind is such statements are from that individual and not from the teachings of the Tablīgh Jama’at itself. The scholars and elders of the Jama’at effort would not and do not make such ignorant statements. The actions of a few ignorant people should not be assumed to represent the work of the entire movement. It is also important to bear in mind that in one’s expression of frustration at a specific individual, one ought to be cautious not to degrade or oppose the great amount of good work emanating from the Jama’at movement. The problem of ignorance and a bigoted mentality rests with this individual alone; thus, the remedy is also restricted and specific to him as well. In fact, part of the Jama’at work would be to correct this person’s mistakes as well as similar mistakes of other people in the Jama’at. This responsibility primarily lies on the shoulders of the other Jama’at members. It would be a shame to have the immaculate name of the Tablīgh  Jama’at tarnished by the extremist and ignorant views of a few bad apples. We hope that the other brothers and scholars dedicated to the work of Tablīgh address this and similar issues to save the respect and honor of the Jama’at. This intolerance and extremism is not only counterproductive and discouraged in the effort of Tablīgh but in other fields as well. If a person who is inclined towards the field of Tasawwuf (spiritual purification) makes statements against the Tablīh effort or Ta‘līm and Ta‘allum (teaching and learning), then such a person must also be corrected. Similarly, if a person who is dedicated to Ta‘līm and Ta‘allum makes derogatory or disparaging statements against those in the field of Tasawwuf and Tablīgh, then he will also be incorrect and misguided. The problem in all these situations is the same, namely, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance. Islam is a complete package that promotes and necessitates all three efforts. In order for a person to be perfect and complete, he ought to inculcate all three efforts in his life. However, if due to certain reasons and impediments he unable to participate in all three, he should at least respect the efforts of the others instead of degrading them. In fact, he ought to pray and make du‘ā for them for relieving him of the burden of carrying out that specific task.

To clear up certain misunderstandings:

1.      A person will not go to Jahannum (hell) if he does not participate in the Jama’at work.

2.      If Hajj has become Fard (compulsory) on a person, he should fulfill the obligation of Hajj first.

3.      No one is guaranteed Hidayah (guidance), even after spending four months.

4.      Zikr is part and parcel of the Jama’at effort; thus, such a statement is contradictory to the very effort such a person is promoting.

5.      A person should not degrade one act of worship over another. It is not known which act of worship, no matter how insignificant one might deem it, will be accepted as a means of salvation in the hereafter.

6.      The Sahabah had many responsibilities, Tablīgh only comprised of one of these responsibilities. It is incorrect to say that Tablīgh was the Asl or the primary effort and concern. In reality, there is a collection of responsibilities placed on Rasūlullah صلى الله عليه و سلم and subsequently on the Sahābah. Among the other responsibilities was Ta‘līm and Ta‘allum, Tazkiyah and physically striving in the path of Allah. In fact, it would not be farfetched to consider some or all of these other responsibilities as preconditions for Tablīgh. For example, a person must have knowledge of the thing towards which he is inviting towards; thus, Ta‘līm and Ta‘allum is a necessity and prerequisite of Tablīgh. Similarly, if a person has not spiritually purified himself to some satisfactory extent, his Tablīgh will cause greater harm than benefit. Thus, we see that contrary to Tablīgh being the Asl or primary responsibility of the Sahābah, it in reality is more of a secondary responsibility. However, this should not downplay the extreme importance of Tablīgh. Currently, it is of grave importance; but it should be conducted in the best manner and not one that distances the people away due to radical and intolerant temperaments.

7.      Imām Mahdi will not have to spend four months.

8.      It is extremely beneficial if an ‘Ālim spends one year in Jama’at. The purpose of this journey is to propagate the teachings of Islam, bring the people closer to the Dīn and learn how to invite others towards acting on the Sharī‘ah whilst one strives to implement the full Sharī‘ah and Sunnah of Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم within his own life. It is not restricted to merely propagating the six points.

9.      The Tablīgh Jama’at does not give preference to old workers over ‘Ulamā . If this is taking place, it is the action of these specific people. Such issues ought to be remedied as well. The respect and honor of the ‘Ulamā should always be upheld.

10.  We have never heard of a person by the name of Farooh. The four Madhhabs did not take their teachings and research from any one person; rather, they have compiled the rulings of the Sharī‘ah from the Qur’ān and the Sunnah of Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم .

In conclusion, we suggest that you overlook the statements of such ignorant people and not allow it to tarnish the greater work being carried out by the Tablīgh Jama’at. As previously mentioned, it would be a great work of Tablīgh if you or any other Jama’at member corrects the false understandings of this misguided brother and those with similar beliefs.

And Allah knows best


Ml. Yusuf bin Yaqub,
Student Darul Iftaa

Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah

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