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Divorce in anger,is it final?

Assala alaikum Dear brother, I have a question about divorce. I know a girl who got married.It was only the NIKA meaning she did not go to his home. Her parents wannted him to come to UNITED STATES to study here, so thats why they married them to get him the green card to live here and when he finish his study, they will live togather. Things didnt work out in between them. At one point the guy gave her a piece of paper, which he had written “I DIVORCE YOU” three times. Three days later he gives her one more piece of paper, which stated that “I —–(his name) is giving you divorce.” He wrote it three times and singed at the bottom. But the problem is he comes back after three or four days later and he said to her that he was only angry thats why he did that. But the girl does not want to be with him because he says bad words to her and he has also hit her in front of her family members.He doesnt respect her family members. She and her parents also wanted him to give her divorce but never asked him about it. So i want to ask you that is this divorce is final? Please reply to this messsage as soon as possible thank you. Allah Hafiz


Divorce given in the state of anger is valid.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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