24 times Nafl Salaat between each Nafl Salaat, ‘bismillah’ recited a 1000 times?

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A friend told me about a method of offering salaat, you ask for what ever you want and by the grace of Allah that thing should be ordained for you, it has said to be successful for her, what you do is to stand in prayer all night and offer 24 times Nafl namaz you must finish before Fajr Salaat, and between each Nafl Salaat, ?bismillah? much be recited a 1000 times before offering your next Nafl Salaat?what is this called? Is there any hadith supporting this method of prayer? Would it be wrong of me to carry out this method of prayer…


We are unaware of such a Salaat in Shari?ah. This could be a practice of some pious person which through his experience is beneficial. However, such Salaat should not be considered as a stipulated part of Deen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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