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Is it permissible to say “Maula Ali”?

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Aslamu-alaikum respected mufti sahab, is it permissible to say “Maula Ali”? ppl claim that “Ali” is one of the names of Allah, b) Shias (in qawalli say this referring to Hazrat Ali (r.a) is that shirk? c) “A’li” is a name/attribute of Allah ta’ala then why is it the name of Hazrat Ali (without putting Abdullah before it)? d) is saying “Haqq Maula Ali” a sufi bidah?


The word, ‘Maula’ literally means a master. It may be used to refer to Allah
or a human being. Generally, any junior may refer to his senior as master.

The word Maula cannot be used for a human being and understood as is
referred to Allah. That is Shirk. We do not know in what context Shi’as use
the word Mawla. The intended meaning of the word, ‘Mawla’ by the Shi’as does
not matter as many of their beliefs are inconsistent with the Shari’ah in
any way and already takes them out of the fold of Islam.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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