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About praying in travel

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Assalam-u-alaikum 1. Last December, I went skiing with friends. Around Duhr time, I looked for a place to pray everywhere in the building but could not find a descent place. Then I went to the parking lot to pray but it was snowing and I couldn’t pray there either. So friends told me I could just pray in the car. I prayerd in the backseat of the car as if you were to kneel down and pray on the ground. But later they told me I could have sat in the seat as sitting on a chair(like a handicapped person at the mosque). Which of the above, if valid, is a way of praying in such a situation. 2. What about in a general case where we are traveling but it is not snowing or raining outside. Can we pray in the car? If so, which way? 3. Sometimes our mom and sisters travel with us. Can THEY pray in the backseat? Please answer all 3 questions is details. jazakallah khairun


Salaat must be performed on the ground. It is only in dire circumstances
that a person is allowed to perform Salaat whilst moving in any type of

As long as there is some place to perform Salaat on the ground, it will not
be permissible to perform Salaat in a car. When traveling, then at the time
of Salaat one must stop and perform Salaat outside the vehicle on the
ground. If for some reason or the other, there is absolutely no other way
out and it is totally impossible to find enough place on the ground for one
to perform his Salaat, then only will it be permissible to perform the
Salaat in the car.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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