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Assalam-u-aliakum Appreciate if you could interpret the dream my wife had ?

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My wife, on the 1st of October before 04:00 a.m. saw a dream which has got her worrying. The reason she remembers the time is because she got frigtened by the dream and woke up (She saw the clock and it was 04:00 a.m.) I kindly request you to help us understand this dream. The dream is as follows: In her dream she saw her yonger sister and her cousin (cousin’s age around 11) in the school where she studied. She sees her sister crying and approaching (levaing the cousin behind )saying she has seen someone (lady) in white clothes. My wife shouts at her sister for leaving the cousin behind. So, my wife goes towards the cousin all the time pryaing Al fateha on her (cousin) and brings the cousin back. Then, my wife goes to check what was there, she does not find anyone but 2 graves, one open(very big) and one closed. And Her sister says that she has seen someone but nobody else could see that. (All 3 of them were in school uniform – blue and white – and my wife and her sister were in high school) I would appreciate if you could help us in understanding this dream. We are awaiting your reply , inshallah. Assalam – u – alikum


The dream simply indicates the power and strength of Surah Faatiha being a means of invoking Allah’s unseen help and awaiting any possible misfortunes.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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