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Woman Who Dies In a Impure State

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Question: Salams mufti, I was wondering if a woman dies while she is na pak (menstruation) does her ghusl for preparation for her janaaza be accepted? Shukriya ya mufti. May Allah grant you goodness. Ameen. Answer: Wa alaikum As Salaam, Yes, it will be accepted. And Allah Knows best. Mufti Waseem Khan. 19/12/2013. Source

Is Wearing An Abaya Fard (Compulsory) ?

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Q: I wanted to know is it fardh to wear abaya for a Muslim girl and if yes please forward some authentic ahadith regarding it ? JazakAllah khairun asalamualaikum warehmatulllahi wabarakatahu A: Assalaamu Alaikum An Abaya is a loose over garment which is like an outer dress worn by women. This type of wear helps… read more »

Wearing silk and cotton.

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Q. Is it permissible for muslims to wear silk or cotton? A. Muslim males are allowed to wear cotton and not silk, and females are allowed to wear both cotton and silk. And Allah knows best.Mufti Waseem Khan Source