Shafi’i Fiqh

Zakat on Camels

Question: As-salamu ‘alaykum, My in-laws have a history of herding livestock in Arabia, camels included. Could you please outline the Shafi’i schools position on the

Wudu and the Qur’an on an E-Reader

Question: As Salaamu alaikum, I recently purchased an e-reader for reading books, including the Quran.  But it occurred to me that I sometimes will not

Women Covering the Face and Hands

    A Translation of Sh. Taha Karaan’s Fatwa on a Woman Covering Her Face and Hands Many have forwarded questions to requesting details

Wiping the Face After Making Du’aa

Question: What is the ruling on wiping the face after making du’aa (supplication) in Qunut within the Salah? What about outside of Salah? Answer: The

Wiping on a Torn Khuff

Question:As salamu alaykum, I know that mash is permissible on leather-socks. But what if there is a hole in it or tiny rips, can one

Maliki Fiqh

Working in Tourism

For three years I have worked in tourism. Obviously, this field involves grave doubts concerning prohibited matters. I want to quit the job but I

Women Praying with Men

In the Name of Allah. Peace and blessing be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and his companions, all of them. Peace be

Woman Wants to File for Khul`

Someone divorced his wife and after a few weeks he revoked the divorce. Now, she wants to file for Khul`, although he promised her he