Visiting Suspicious People

Peace be upon you! I am a married woman and I have been pregnant twice but I lost my pregnancy for no apparent reason both times. A sister offered taking me to a lady who has a long experience in women’s health issues. She said she is able to diagnose the disease just by putting her hand on a woman’s stomach! I went to the woman but I was surprised to find her asking about my name and my mother’s name. I got up and pretended I had to leave urgently but she asked me again to leave my name and my mother’s so that she could pray Istikharah and discover what is wrong with me. I refused and did not go there again. My question is: Could this woman be a charlatan? If she is one, is it permissible to warn other women from going to her? Finally, I want you to guide me to someone in Makkah who treats diseases according to Shari`ah, with the help of the Qur’an and also herbs.

I am not sure if this woman is a charlatan or not but I advise you to visit doctors and pray to Allah frequently, asking for forgiveness.