Is This Income Halaal?




I work in a company where like all other companies according to their policy Part time job , business etc are not allowed. But 99 % do their business or part time job. I want to ask that in my company (A) we conduct ground surveys but poles survey is outsourced means we don’t do it and give this work to our company (A) approved consultant company (B). Which is in fact my Dept managers company (A) to whom I report to. My manager works with his brother in their own company (B) and his work rates are 50% less than market rates that’s why his company (B) is approved but he didn’t mention his name in company (A) that he is the partner of Company (B). Recently (A) approved budget for our dept to conduct pole survey from (B) but what my manager did is 30 % of the work he did with his brother (B) and 70% he trained our dept (A) surveyors employees to conduct survey of poles. He told his brother that the amount u will get is 30% and    rest 70% will be his , so they both agreed. Question is in my manager absence I trained (A) surveyors how to conduct pole survey before this approval. but when he heard this from me manager stopped his brother from 70% survey and the amount he get , “He shared half with me”. means he gave me 50% of the amount. Now tell me sir is this money Halaal. if No so tell me how to refund it to my company (A) cause if we did so I know we both will be fired but we both have planned that in future we will tell our management that now we can conduct this survey and we have got the machines for it. I thought that I will buy company product to give them some profit. Sir but sometimes I think that I haven’t done anything Haram. But still I want you all respected Muftis fatwa in this case


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If you’ve done your extra curricular pole survey during your official office hours, then the income earned from that deal, will not be totally honest and pure for consumption. You can either return the money to your company or give it in charity on behalf of the companies’ directors. If however it was not done during office hours then there will be absolutely nothing wrong with that money. However as this practice is against workplace ethics which you are bound to, this type of activities will be reprehensible even though the money made out of it will not be unlawful for use.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf

Darul Iftaa

Jameah Mahmoodiyah


[email protected]                  

17 April 2007

28 Rabee’ul Awwal 1428