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Surah to ease Pregnancy

Answered by Tafseer Raheemi

Question I am pregnant it’s my 5th month going on. Please tell me a surah or some ayaat which helps to make my pregnancy easy and the Allah helps me all the time specially at my delivery time. I shell be really thankful to you. Answer Read Surah Maryam everyday, inshallah this will ease your pregnancy…. read more »

Sex with pregnant wife

Answered by Tafseer Raheemi

Question My wife is pregnant am I allowed to still have sex with her and is there any time limit. Answer This is a matter of Physical health. If she is healthy, then there is no harm. However if she is sick and frail, then you should have some consideration for her and control yourself…. read more »

Dua for getting pregnant

Answered by Tafseer Raheemi

Question Salam Is there a specific dua to get pregnant. My aunt has been married for 15 years. Doctors say theres nothing wrong with her. Can you please tell me if there is a special dua to read? Jazakallah! Answer Read Surah Maryam everyday if possible, or as much as possible and when finishing the… read more »

Marriage to a Lady Pregnant through Adultery

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Q: Would a nikah (marriage) to a woman who is pregnant from zinaa (adultery) be valid? A: The nikah will be valid but intercourse will only be permissible after nifaas after the delivery of the baby if the man she committed zinaa with is someone else besides her husband. (Fatwaa Raheemiyah volume 5) Source

What to do During Pregnancy

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Q: Respected Ulama, trough the grace of Allah all mighty, my wife has found out that she is pregnant. We are most grateful to Allah, and at the same time we do not want to displease Allah by doing things the wrong way. My question firstly is: Is there any law about a time period… read more »

Qurbani for Wife

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Q: Can qurbani be made on my wife’s behalf? A: A woman who has got her own money should make her own Qurbani. In such a case Qurbani will be compulsory upon her. This applies whether she is pregnant or not. If the husband wants to make Qurbani on her behalf, he may do so but… read more »

Adultery and Abortion

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Q: A boy and girl commit zina (extra-marital sex), and after five weeks the girl comes to know that she is pregnant. If the girl decides to have the baby aborted, how will this be categorised Islamically? A:In this case she may abort before 120 days. However she should make taubah and repent to ALLAH… read more »

Iddat and Abortion

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Q: A pregnant woman was divorced by her husband. During her iddat (waiting period) she aborted the child. Would her iddat be complete? A:Yes her iddat will be complete if some of the limbs of the child was formed already. However she would be guilty of a major sin for aborting the child. Source