We have 4 children. Our youngest child is 2 years and 4 months. My wife is 5 weeks pregnant now. However she has Thyroid and has to undergo Cervical Stitches during every pregnancy. Removing stitches is very painful as it is done without Anesthesia. Even delivery is very painful due to these cervical stitches. Also during pregnancy she regularly has morning sickness (Vomiting) and becomes very weak. We live in Gulf and our children go to school. So managing children and maintaining home during pregnancy becomes very challenging. Her mother can visit us to support but only during the last stage of pregnancy. So under these circumstances would it be permissible to abort the pregnancy?

My wife period are due for more than two weeks and looks like she is expecting but as this may be our fifth child we want to abort it. We did all precaution even she took the contraceptive pill after the night but despite all our best efforts to not have child it looks like she is expecting pregnancy again. As this is only 40-50 days since our husband and wife relationship and there is no life in foetus can we abort the child? Please note we did our best to take care and took all the medicines to not have pregnancy again but this has happened accidentally. Because on this occasion I felt that initial precaution of condom may not work because it was slippery therefore we went to doctor and took medicines to avoid pregnancy. We already have four girls age (10, 8, 6 & 3) and people think we are crazy about boy that is why we are having children again and again. And I have no energy to raise another child also no energy to face the world as it is very bad when people look at you with four children walking on the street it is shameful and everyone passes remarks and makes joke about you. This is effecting the work, family life and children life also as I have stopped going to any friends families house any public place where people can see all four children and us together unless we cannot avoid it but even then people make jokes pass remarks about us.

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