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What are the rewards of a Medical doctor?

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Assalamu alaykum, i was motivated to become a medical doctor because of money and worldly fame, now i want to change my aim and motivation to something islamic, so my question is: What are the rewards of being a medical doctor in islam? Jazakallahu khair Answer Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Just as… read more »

Need fatwa in doing this nikkah

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Aoa, The problem is girl took khula and was observing 3 periods iddah, during her iddah she did ijab qabool in the presence of 2 witness withou wali, mehar and during iddah. This all happened secretly. When boy’s family got to know about it his father forcefully asked boy to give talaq and boy uters… read more »

Marriage istekhara

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Asalam o alikum I want to know regarding the istekhara about marriage i want to marry a guy and ive done istekhara in first dream i saw garden greenry flowers water and a little bit black too i don’t remember properly and  i dont remember the second and third dream, Secondly when the guy did… read more »

I find him unattractive

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Asalam alykum warahmatulahy wabarakatu.. I would like to know what are the main things I’ve should check in a spouse before marriage? I want to reunite with my ex husband but the thing is I find him unattractive,old and we are not compatible..but I love him I’ve tried seeking other men but my mind is… read more »

Regarding marriage

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Assalamualaikum Sheikh, One of my friend wants to marry a boy she knows.But her father is not agreeing may be because of financial status of boys family.But the boy and his family is good. She is very much desperate about this matter. Please let us know if anything she can do so that her father… read more »

Intercaste marriage/dream

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Salams, I am a sister. Around couple of years ago a female best friend of mine introduced me to her uni male friend (we didn’t meet/talk)- she simple told him that I could be a potential for him. He asked her direct questions about me and then asked my best friend to ask me if… read more »


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Aoa! I was married in 2015.me and husband relation were not good from starting we were only 1 month in relation!after 6 moths my husbnd said i am free he dont accept me as a wife and he is mently prepare that he divorced me!he call my parents he told my parents i am done… read more »

Marriage (edited and final ques version)

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Salam brothers and sisters, Hope you well. Actually I’m so confused about a matter. That is: Recently I married a women whom I loved like 12 yrs. but I didn’t did any physical relationship except lipkiss 3 times. My parents are not agree with me at all to marry her. But her mother is agree… read more »

Divorce case

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Question: Sir Thanks indeed for this fruitful site may Allah give you Ajar. Question is my niece husband on insistence of his father to divorce his wife says, I leave her, I leave her, I leave her. His father said to him, say I give her divorce three times. The husband says, I do not… read more »

Differances between Christianity and Islam

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[23/08, 14:44] Wasibaaa: What are the most important differences between Islam and Christianity? Are they all different or have similarities? Is it possible that the two religions coexist or are they too different and discordant? [23/08, 14:46] Wasibaaa: Is it allowed for a 17-year-old girl to marry a boy of the same age, although he… read more »