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Who becomes the guardian of the children after the demise of their parents?

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Q: After both parents death, who becomes the legal guardians of the kids in Islam especially considering issues of mahram in a daughters case. A: The paternal grandfather. And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best. وفسر المصنف رحمه الله الولي بالعصبة وسيأتي في الفرائض أنه من أخذ الكل إذا انفرد والباقي مع ذي سهم وهو… read more »

Custody of children and maintenance

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Q: What should a husband do/fulfil in all perspectives of life for kids/wife after separation or divorce? A: In a case of separation or divorce, the custody of the children goes to the mother unless she remarries. If she remarries a non-mahram of the children, then she will lose the custody of the children. In… read more »

Haraam relationship

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Q: Me and my boyfriend are in a relationship for 2 years 6 month. He lives in India and I live in USA. Both of us want to make this haram relationship into halaal but there are condition where we can’t marry now. We tried being apart because of the haram relationship but we come… read more »