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Ssing haram money to pay off debts


Can I use haram money to pay off my dads debts? I live with my dad in his home and contribute to the household. My dad is retired and will probably not make enough money to pay off his debts unless he sells our home. I have on occasion paid small amounts to his creditors. My question is can I use haram money from various sources which have unintentionally accumulated (some money from a bank as incentive to join, some from haram stocks, some from dodgy crytpo, some from my salary for hours I dont think I worked) to pay off some of his debts.


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Investment bank stocks and zakat

Question 1:
Is investing in commercial and investment banks stocks allowed. Like Citi Bank or JP Morgan.

Question 2:
We have stocks which are bought not for sale but holding long term. Is there zakat on it.

We have land which is not for sale and to hold long term. Do we pay zakat on it.

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Permissibility of my Job

My company is requesting I help them start a new branch in our company. The branch is an environmental consulting business and will help schools across the United States be more environmentally friendly. They want me to finalise the business proposal, create training materials for our interns so they can help our clients and work on finding clients for the company. I feel as if I am assisting in sin as I am helping them create a gender-mixing initiative when I know they do not observe Shariah Law. I feel as if every haram gender-mixed interaction that occurs throughout this company’s lifetime will be a sin on me as I’ve helped them create this new company. Should I leave my job?

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Zakaat on plots bought with intention of construction house and rental property

I have two questions regarding zakaat on property and retirement saving
1- I bought two plots. First, with an intention of constructing rental property in future. Second, with an intention of selling it after 5/6 years and use the proceeds of the sale to buy a smaller plot for constructing family house and use remaining part of the proceeds for construction on the plot. Proceeds of sale wouldn’t be used for anything besides constructing family house. Wanted to know if I need to pay zakaat on both the properties? If yes, would I need to pay zakat every year or year by year once I receive the sale proceeds or would it be just once (for one year) after receiving the sale proceeds

2- We have retirement saving scheme in Australia called “Superannuation” where a percentage of regular income is deducted and contributed to the fund. One can only access to it upon retirement. Wanted to know if I need to pay zakat on it every year or only when I receive the funds on retirement (year by year or just for an year)

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Permissibility of working in HR for a car finance company

I currently work as a HR professional and have been searching for a new role for sometime. I have been approached by a recruitment agency with regards to a potential new role. This role is a senior role to what I am currently doing. The title is HR Business Partner for a car finance company. My responsibilities would include talent management, delving into Employee Value Proposition, recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, stake holder management and any change management. This role will be a hybrid role to work from home which I felt was appropriate as I would not be required to travel outside of the Shari boundaries for a female travelling alone. However, my concern is that whilst I will not have direct involvement in this, the business operates as a loan company (not a broker) allowing members of the public to in essence, borrow money (with interest) to purchase vehicles. The company is known as ‘Oodle Car Finance’ and the amount of interest applied would be in accordance to the results of an individuals credit rating. Hypothetically, if I were to be employed by this business, I would have no involvement with the day to day operations of the business, or witness any finance deals. My question is, based on the nature of the business and the suggested role, would it be permissible to work for this organisation?

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Working in a data centre

Hello dear Scholars of islam

i have an urgent question about my situation

i am currently working as an IT technician. my duties consist of working in a data center.
A data center or data center is a building, a dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings used
to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems, servers etc..
We mainly do small jobs like changing power supply units or installing and removing servers or wiring and unwiring.
Also small troubleshooting.

we work for different customers. Our company serves mainly 3 customers.
1 customer is a company where they rent their data centers to other customers.
2 customer is a manufacturer of electrical equipment and helps with the production of trains.
3 customer is a bank where we mainly do cabling and decabling.

customer 3
it is allowed to work at a bank if you mainly do wiring and unwiring. I have read some fatwas that say it is allowed to work
as a security guard, cleaner or in a call center.
Above all, I do unwiring. Unwiring is nothing more than cleaning up, like a cleaner would do.
Because these cables are no longer needed and are just lying around.
Cabling is connecting new devices with the necessary cables so that you can improve or expand your systems with which you can, for example
, to run interest transactions.
the cables taken out can be checked but i don’t do that otherwise i would equip them with cables again
is it allowed to work for this customer ?

customer 1
This is a company that rents out their datacenter. Their customers can also be banks or insurance companies. Me and my boss
do not know who their customers are. Can I work there or not? At this customer we do all the work I mentioned above.

customer 2
Is a manufacturer of electrical equipment and helps in the production of trains. They do not rent their datacenter. This data center is theirs.
I think it is the best place for me to work. At this customer we also do all the work I mentioned above.

I have read some fatwas. One says it is completely forbidden to work in a bank, even if you work for a company that has a bank as a client
and you should quit. Another says if you work as a cleaner or security guard or in a call center it is allowed,
because you are not directly involved with sin. Another says that you should not quit directly but first look for a new job. I work,
because my family needs financial support. We could live without my contribution, but it would be harder to pay all these bills.

I also talked to my boss about this issue and he can’t guarantee me that I can only work for the manufacturer of electrical equipment.
there can be emergencies or we have too little staff in the other projects. is it bad if I try to work all the time in the manufacturer of electrical equipment
but go to the other 2 customers only in case of urgencies or on the order of the boss,
if that would happen ?

Besides there are on-call services (24 hours a day) for the manufacturer of electrical equipment and the company that rents out its data center.
I would have to do this as well.would this be allowed ?

I see only 4 possibilities

– either I force my boss to make me work only at the manufacturer of electrical equipment and not to be on-call services (24 hours a day)
and not to be present in any emergencies in the other projects.
– I try to work as much as possible at the manufacturer of electrical equipment if possible
– I quit immediately
– I will work at this company until I find a new job.

if there are other possibilities I would be open to hear them.

I have been working at the bank for about the last 6 months unwiring and the money that i made haram.
I just had a bad feeling that I could get interest money. Then I read a fatwa
saying that if a company gets interest money it is allowed for a worker. I thought that you are not allowed to work for a bank directly.
(employed), but my case was that I was working for another company that was servicing a client, which unfortunately is a bank.
In addition, I never thought about whether it was forbidden to work at a bank.

and what about the money I earn now or will make in the future is that also Haram, as long as I do not work at the manufacturer of electrical equipment. and
if my boss forces me to work for the other customers. He did not guarantee that I will always work for the manufacturer of electrical equipment.
if I quit, I may get a notice period and have to work for another month.
My boss could force me to work this month at the bank or at the customer who rents his data center.
rents. What is the best thing to do.

I have also set aside some of this money. Is this money also haram. and I bought some things with this money is this also haram.
What should I do with this money or property.

If there are any questions you can write me on my email address. It is important to me that I get an answer as soon as possible.
because if this job is haram i will leave it.

my english is not so good so i would appreciate if you can explain it as simple as possible. Also feel free to give a long and
detailed answer with all the proofs. I would be glad if you can make a small summary at the end in this case.

Jazak Allah (s.w.t)

Hanafi Fiqh

Working as an IT programmer in conventional plus Islamic bank organization?

Dear Brother,

I recently got a job offer to work as an IT programmer at a conventional plus Islamic bank unit

Since I will be working as an outsourced consultant in the IT department of the bank, I would like to know whether my monthly income from my agency will be halal, If my daily IT job is not directly/ in-directly involved in the “credit card” and “interest” based transactions.

جَزَاكَ ٱللَّٰهُ خَيْرًا‎

Hanafi Fiqh

Job as a chemical engineer and environment

Asslamualikum so I have been overthinking about this question So essentially I am a engineer who is working in the oil and gas and plastics industry. My job is to make sure that my unit is running correctly in the plant/refinery. So as you know the production of such products contributes to pollution such as when people throw away plastic in the ocean and when we drive our cars we burn oil which release carbon and I was wondering is my job halal and moral from a islamic perspective becuase of the factor of pollution involved. ( bear in mind everything has pollution nowadays so nothing is in fact “GREEN”.)

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Zakat on long term investments


Please help me with a question regarding Zakat on long term(15 year) plus investments. The investment is managed by a fund manager. The money would be invested in bonds and equities but not shares.The purpose of the investment is to generate income to live on. Is Zakat payable on the amount invested? If so on what proportion?Jazakallah.

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Can’t make decision despite doing istikhaara for months

Assalamualaikum, I have been doing istikhaara for many months regarding an important career decision to go to another Muslim country. The circumstances didn’t allow me to go along what my heart wishes (as I wanted to go) so I knew this is the sign from Allah but at the same time, I remained highly unsatisfied with choice I made and really it depressed me a lot. I am continuing istikhaara again for months now and not sure what to do as it is effecting my and my family’s mental health with respect to not making mind where we want to settle. I’m not sure how to deal with situation. JazakAllah khair for your advice.