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Didn`t Tell Suitor about Burns on her Back

Four months ago, I concluded my marriage contract in one of the Sharia courts. However, I have recently discovered that my fiancé has burns on her back of which I wasn`t told. Is this a breach of contract? In addition, if I wanted the marriage to be annulled, am I liable for any amount from the advanced and deferred portions of the Mahr (Bridal gift) or not?


Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.

The burns on your fiancé's back don`t necessitate the dissolution of marriage-By a Sharia judge`s ruling- and we advise you to accept this girl if you are satisfied with her faith and character. However, if you want the contract to be annulledthen you must refer to a Sharia judge. And Allah the Almighty knows best.


This answer was collected from the official government Iftaa Department of Jordan.

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