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Shells in medicine, and salah after nifaas

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Q1. What is hkm of shells in mdcn?

Q2. If nifas stops b4 40 days after first child, does she start praying or wait until there is ybqeen it will not restart, and if so, how long does she wait?

Walaikumussalam w w
How are the shells used in medicine? Is there any living creature in their which is used or is the shell itself? Used? If the first, then keera cannot be consumed unless no other medicine available.
If shell itself is used then it’s like choona in paan, it’s an earthly thing and permissible.

2 when nifaas stops she shud start salah immediately, if it comes back, stop. If tuhre mutakhallal comes within 40 days it will all be classed as nifaas


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Jazakallahu khairan. Only the shell is used. Sometimes pearl is used and sometimes oyster shell and smtms other types of shell in hikmat, Chinese mdcn, hmpthc mdcn and as calcium spplmnt so its widespread

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