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Advice and method to read qaza Namaz

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Assalamu Alaikum,

I have missed my many Namaz and now I want to read my all qaza Namaz. What advice and method you will give me to read my qaza Namaz?



Make an estimate of how many months’ or years’ qaza are on your shoulders, then for every day you have to make qaza of 20 rakats – seventeen of farz and three of WITR WAJIB; there is no need for qaza of sunnats.  Start by making an intention of the first salah you missed, e.g. first Fajr, first Zuhr, etc.  When that is done the one after it will become the first, and so on.  Whenever you have free time, make wudhu and keep doing your qaza – one friend of mine used to do 300 rakats a day until he completed his whole life’s qaza.  May Allah make it easy for you and accept it from you.

Note: you can’t pray any namaz at three times – during sunrise, sunset and at zawaal.  After Fajr and Asr nawafil are not allowed; qaza are permitted.  However, pray them secretly, not in front of people’s eyes, because not praying salah is a sin and by doing qaza in front of people you bring that into the open, whereas you should never disclose your sins to people.

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