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Wearing imitation silk/shiny jabbah and designer clothes

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Can a man wear imitation silk jubbah? And can a man wear shiny jubbah e.g shiny black, shiny brown, shiny blue shiny grey etc.?

Can you wear designer clothes, shoes, accessories?


  1. Better to avoid.
  2. What is the point in looking like women?
  3. Two things should be avoided: takabbur and israaf.  Israaf means going over your limits of spending, i.e. spending more than what you own; buying on a credit card with the hope of repaying afterwards.  Takabbur means being proud and haughty.  When you get that feeling in the heart that “I am something,” “I wanna be unique,” “I wanna stand out,” this is takabbur, which distances a person from Allah.

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