Q: A person had a dream that their whole family was in Madinah Shareef and certain things took place. They informed a Maulana of this dream and the Maulana replied that the person will soon go to Madinah Shareef. I am aware that our aqeedah is that only Allah knows matters of the unseen and of future events. Therefore are we to believe that the Maulana is just giving an indication of what the dream could lead to based on what has been told to him, but the Maulana cannot say that it will certainly happen 100% without a doubt?


A: No one possesses conclusive and absolute knowledge of the future besides Allah Ta’ala. However at times Allah Ta’ala through dreams blesses his servants with glad tidings of events that are to happen in the future. Hence, the person knowledgeable in the science of dreams understands through certain signs and indications what could possibly take place in the future. This will not be construed as fortune telling or predicting what is going to take place in the future. Just as a person who wishes to go for umrah books his ticket with a travel agent. After complying to the necessary procedures required for travelling he is informed by the travel agent of his travel itinerary and where he will be staying in Makkah Mukarramah and the details of the journey. One will not say that the travel agent has knowledge of the future. However through having knowledge of certain procedures he understands what will transpire during the journey.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada

Checked & Approved:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)