Performing Salaah on a musalla which was purchased with haraam money or through an invalid transaction


1. A musalla is purchased with haraam money. Is any Salaah performed on this musalla valid?

2. A musalla is purchased with halaal money, but the transaction was invalid and the seller still remains the Shari’ owner. Is any Salaah performed on
this musalla valid?

3. A musalla is purchased by a person with a largely doubtful income. Is Salaah valid on this persons musalla?

A musalla is purchased by a person with a largely doubtful income. He gives this musalla to Zaid as a gift. Zaid knows the largely doubtful nature of
this persons income.

4. Should Zaid perform Salaah on this musalla?

5. Is the Salaah of Zaid valid on this musalla?

6. Is the Salaah of anyone valid on this musalla?

A Muslim woman gives a musalla as a gift to a Ghair Mahram Muslim man. They have a haraam business relationship and are very friendly with each other. This Ghair Mahram Muslim man then keeps this musalla at home which is used by his wife and children on a daily basis. They have been using this musalla for about two years now.

7. Is it correct to perform Salaah, or do any Ibaadah, on this musalla?

8. Are all the Salaah (approx. 2 years) and Ibaadah performed on this musallah by the Ghair Mahram Muslim man and others, primarily his family,

9. If not, is qadha necessary for these salaah?

10. Is Sajda-Sahw valid on this musalla?

11. If it is necessary to do anything with this musalla, like return it to the woman or give it in charity without the intention of reward, please
advise accordingly.



1. The namaaz is valid, but such musallas should not be used.

2. This depends on the nature of the transaction. In all cases, the namaaz will be valid. If the transaction amounts to bai` baatil then the transaction should be renewed.

3 – 5. If the majority of his income is from halaal sources then it is permissible to accept it.

6 – 7. They must end this relationship and the musalla must be returned and he should make taubah for this type of a haraam relationship.

8. Yes.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)