Performing Jumu’ah in a Village

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Mahmoodiyah


dear Mufti saheb your answer didn’t satisfied me as we don’t have mufti that satisfy us please answer in the manner that satisfy us

this is the question of Imaan and you wrote two sentences Allah will ask you in the day of judgement if you want some other facts about the location of

the city please ask me in this e mail address or the boys of our village are in your madrassah you can ask them I once again repeat my question

w salaam

Jumu’ah PRAYER

I am from Balochistan city Zhob and want a complete fatwa on the Waajib of Jumu’ah prayer in our village


Our village is on the distance of tow kilometres from the city of Zhob and consists on the population of about seven thousand, and this village existed

before the city itself. The city of Zhob was founded in 1889A.D on the land of village Apozai (two km away from the city) in return

of a treaty between British govt and the elders of the village and there is no proper Bazaar in the village but some goods are sold in the old manner in

homes and some of the necessity items are available from these home shops in return of money.

The village is administarily out of the police area and is still dealt by levies force which is for rural areas in Balochistan, but any mail from any

corner of the country can reach villagers as postman is for the village. Telephone, electricity, water etc are available in the village. The village is

touch with the city by a long wall which is around frontier constabulary (F.C) local headquarters (which is between village and city) and the railway

station (which is closed since 1986).  Jumu’ah prayer is offered in the FC headquarter more than one place and the Azan of Jumu’ah is hear in the

village. I ask that is it necessary for the villagers to offer Jumu’ah or Eid prayer in the village or not? As there are more than 10 mosques in the village

and has the capacity for Jumu’ah prayer, while local Imam of the Jameah masjid of the city argue that it is Waajib on the villagers of Apozai to pray

Jumu’ah prayer on Friday afternoon.  On the other hand villagers consists that the village was on its existing place while there was no city in that

time and the city was founded in 1889 by then British govt so they are out of the Waajib HUKUM.




There are various conditions which apply to the permissibility of performing the Jumu’ah prayers. One of the most important conditions is that the area in which one lives should either be a city or town. Our Akaabireen have described the citytown in which Jumu’ah can be performed as follows: There should be 4000 to 5000 residents within the area. There should be at least 30 to 40 separately constructed shops from which basic products are easily obtainable. There should be a post office and police station at one’s disposal and various other buildings.

(Imdaadul Ahkaam, Vol. 1, Page 763)

You have mentioned that you are presently residing in a village in which there is no proper Bazaar and there is no police station in the vicinity, therefore according to us Jumu’ah prayers cannot be conducted in your area since all the requirements have not been met. One should bear in mind that in a case where there is doubt regarding the ruling of Jumu’ah in a certain area, then Jumu’ah should not be performed as a precautionary measure, rather Salaat-ul-Thuhr should be performed in Jamaat.

(Ahsanul Fataawaa, Vol. 4, Page 132)

Your village is situated 2 km. away from the city and it is not within the boundary of the city. The space between your village and the city is occupied by the constabulary; therefore it would not be incumbent upon the inhabitants of you village to go to the city for Jumu’ah prayers.

(Imdaadul Ahkaam, Vol. 1, Page 786. Ad-Durrul Mukhtaar, Vol. 1, Page 578, 590, 602)

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf

Darul Iftaa

Jameah Mahmoodiyah


15 September 2004

29 Rajab 1425

This answer was collected in 2012 from the website of Jameah Mahmoodiyah, South Africa. The original website no longer exists.

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