Reciting Zikr without counting

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Q. Can one say Subhanallah or Allhamdulilah or Allahu Akbar or Laillahaillala without counting. For example before I sleep I would recite these four above and then do it 3 times and also the 33, 33, 34. What I would like to know is if without counting one can just say any of the above while doing chores or going about daily activities, travelling or even until I fall asleep. Would that be wrong to do so?

A. Yes, one can do these Azkaar and recite these glorious words without counting. It is highly rewarding to keep the tongue busy with these recitals while doing chores, walking and lying down to sleep etc. You will not be wrong to do this. Instead, you will receive a great amount of blessings for this.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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