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Q. If a person is sick and breaks wudu constantly, while making wudu or while performing salaah, which happens everyday, what does this person do for salaah? Is it permissible to pray in this condition?

A. If a person has the sickness of constantly breaking his wazu for the entire time of a Salaah, then he will be considered as an ‘excused person’, and will thus, perform his Salaah like that of an excused person (Mazoor).

This person will be required to perform wazu once for every time of salaah, and with this wazu, he will perform the farz Salaat of that time and any other Salaah within the time of that farz salaah, even though the sickness continues. When the time for this particular Salaah comes to an end, the excused person’s wazu will become invalid, and he will be required to perform a fresh wazu when the time of another farz Salaah enters.

An excused person will have to make fresh wazu if any other breakers of wazu occur, besides the sickness which caused him to be an excused person.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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