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Wife Pregnant with Brother’s Son

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There is a brother whose pregnant wife told him that the child she is carrying is not his but his brother’s. She later went on to deny this. His brother and wife have a very close relationship. They all live in the same household and are often left alone. When he asked his brother he got very angry and threatened to kill him for saying such a thing. The first brother then apologised for saying it and is still living with his brother. He has had a boy but is not convinced that the boy is his. He lives on in the house with his brother because his attempts to move out would lead to his brother who is a psychopath to something to harm him or another member of the family.

There is still free mixing in the house but every one is too scared to say anything to the brother in case he does something dangerous. What can be done the situation is very confusing and everyday becomes more dangerous. What can anyone do?


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,

This is a very delicate situation. The brother should try all means possible to live separately. In the Hadith, the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) has resembled the in-laws to death, meaning extra care should be taken with in-laws with regards to Hijab.

Therefore, the husband should try his best to live away from his brother and if that includes involving somebody else, then be it. Here your world and the hereafter are at stake.

The child which was born will be attributed to the husband. In the Hadith narrated by many scholars of Hadith including Imam Muslim in his Sahih, the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said:

“The child is of the husband and the adulterer will receive the stone.” (Sahih Muslim)

Here, there isn’t even any proof indicating that the child is of the husband’s brother. Therefore one should not have any doubts.

Try moving out and have a fresh start. Even if the wife was guilty of some wrong doing and she is willing to change, then forgive her and turn fully towards Allah Almighty.

We all pray to Allah Most High for your family that he guides you towards the right direction and that you come out of this crisis safely as soon as possible, Ameen.

And Allah Knows Best

[Mufti] Muhammad ibn Adam
Darul Iftaa
Leicester , UK

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